Maureen McIntosh-Alberts, Ph.D.

Behavioral Scientist, Human and Organizational Development Specialist, Organizational Development Change Agent, Researcher, Trainer, International Management Consultant, Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker

Dr. Maureen McIntosh-Alberts is an Applied Behavioral Scientist, Organizational Development Specialist and Leadership Coach. She specializes in facilitating organizational change interventions and in designing and delivering cross- cultural and diversity training to support the career advancement of staff in multicultural organizations.

As a Leadership Coach, Dr. Alberts is committed to calling forth the Divine Potential in leaders and aspiring leaders thereby supporting them in increasing their effectiveness and enhancing their lives. She is a commitment to being light to the world, salt to the earth and serving living water to refresh, grow, develop, sustain and heal the human soul.

Dr. McIntosh-Alberts holds a Bachelors Degree in English from the University of Costa Rica, a Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Arts and Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development Systems from the Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California.  Dr. McIntosh is also a graduate of Johns Hopkins University Fellows in the Management of Change Program.

Dr. McIntosh-Alberts launched her professional career in human and organizational development about ten years ago working with the World Bank in Washington D.C. where she specialized in leading organizational change management interventions, and in the design, implementation and management of mentoring programs and in the creation of networks for the professional and personal development of management and staff.  

Her research includes work on organizational systems, formal and informal organizational cultures, the management of organizational change in multi-cultural workplaces, cultural and racial diversity, cross-cultural communication, and the role of informal networking and mentoring in the career mobility of black women in multicultural workplaces.

From living, working and traveling extensively in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Africa, Dr. McIntosh- Alberts learned how to interact with, and be sensitive to people of diverse cultures.  This led her to conduct research on The Impact of Background Cultural and Racial Socialization on the Career Mobility of Black Women in Multicultural Organizations. Dr. McIntosh-Albert’s international and cross- cultural experiences have taught her that in order for black women to succeed in today’s globally diverse workplaces, we DO NOT put aside our cultural and racial differences.  Instead, we need to APPRECIATE AND USE our rich cultural and ethnic differences to cut across those cultural and racial boundaries that tend to divide us.  We need to build alliances with people of other cultures and races, including the White dominant culture, in our workplaces and our communities.  Building these diverse cultural and racial alliances will determine whether more People of Color advance to positions of power and influence in our workplaces and our communities.  Failure to do so means that we will continue to struggle, remain immobile, and ineffective, without any power and influence, robbing ourselves of reaching our maximum potential.  

On the spiritual side, Dr. McIntosh-Alberts has been a primary figure within the Body of Christ and at the center of her Christian Ministry impacting and facilitating personal, professional and spiritual empowerment in the lives of individuals in international organizations and in church communities for over twenty years.  She is the Founder and Director of the International Center for Empowerment and Leadership and Christ Centered Cross Cultural Mentoring Program at Word of Life Assembly of God, Springfield, Virginia. The former is designed to coach and mentor professionals to maximize their professional potential in organizations and the later focuses on the personal, professional and spiritual empowerment of participants.

Dr. Alberts has also developed a passion for Widows Orphans and Vulnerable groups around the world.  This passion resulted from her long association with the World Bank and from her first hand experience with the work her late husband, Wim Alberts, who gave his life in Africa working to bring a better quality of life to Widows, Orphans and Vulnerable groups in Africa.

Through Zorba’s Orphans Fund, Dr. Alberts’ dream is continue the work of her late husband to raise funds to support the educational and professional development of orphans in Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean. By meeting the educational needs of orphans, Zorba’s Orphan Fund’s mission is to contribute to them having a better quality of life thereby maximizing their spiritual and professional life’s potential.